Privacy Policy does not log IP address or store transaction IDs or customer information. has no interest in collecting IP addresses, user data or transaction IDs. has no intention to sell or share IP addresses, user data or transaction IDs for marketing purposes. users must always check if the website they are visiting is using a secure connection (HTTPS) with a valid certificate and the correct address. Information entered on a non-secure (HTTP) webpage might result in the data being leaked or your funds being stolen. users shall use updated browsers in a secure environment in order to protect their data and their funds.

Any information entered by the user at is encrypted then sent to the seller. The sent data can only be decrypted and viewed by the seller. When a buyer sends a payment to a seller, will send the following information to the seller:

The transaction ID.
Email address.
First Name.
Last Name.
Apartment, suit, etc.
Zip code.
Discount code.

If the buyer did not receive an order confirmation via email, there might be a chance that the seller did not receive the order information. In this case, the buyer should contact the seller and the transaction ID will act as a proof of purchase. The seller might ask the buyer to send a signed message as proof of ownership. collects general non-identifiable information such as:
Date and time of visit.
Operating system.
Browser name, version and language.
Which page directed you to
Device type (a desktop or a mobile device).
Screen resolution.
Time spent on the page.
How far did the scroll move down the page.
Interactions with the page (clicking links and buttons). intends to use the collected non-identifiable information only for the purpose of improving and simplifying for our users. uses Google Analytics to track general statistics about our visitors. These tools collect basic site usage information such as the number of daily visits to, the pages visited by users, time spent on the site, the number of return visits to the site, types of devices used, etc. This information is then used to maintain the website including monitoring site stability, measuring site traffic, optimizing site content, and improving the experience for our visitors. requires Javascript to be enabled in order to provide you with services. Javascript is used to provide a pleasant experience when visiting DeepVaultOnline. requires browser cookies to create sessions in order to protect the data by deletion if the session exceeded a certain amount of time.

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